The world of education and industry is changing is what led us to create the DITEX structure.

The French government is mobilizing alongside industry with the program Industrie du Futur, which aims at the reindustrialization of France and its modernization. The program Alliance pour l’industrie du Futur co-chaired by the directors of Fives and Dassault Systèmes, are involved in the operational part.

The DITEX (Digital Industry Tools EXperts) unit has the ambition to assist universities to lead this transition.
The university abounds with specialists just waiting to express themselves.
Fruit of a long collaboration with our partner Dassault Systèmes, we decided to create DITEX which has the ambition to make you benefit from all the expertise we have been able to gain in teaching engineering with Dassault Systèmes solutions for more than 15 years.
Our 2nd goal is to carry forward the French Higher Education and we propose to provide you with specialists in all fields of Engineering
Design, calculation, simulation, manufacturing, metrology, process flow, logistic, maintenance,

We will find the expert you need !