Prof. Nidhal Rezg

UFR-MIM Director

LGIPM Research Laboratory Director

DITEX General Director


Eng. Julien Zins

DITEX Executive Director

CAD/CAM, Robotics, Enovia specialist

Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE & V6 Platform administrator

Dassault Systèmes V5&V6 Mechanical certified

Office: 00 33 3 87 54 71 51
GSM: 00 33 6 08 27 49 15



Our Experts leaders :


Manufacturing engineering leader:

Prof. Eng. Nicolas Bonzani

More than 15 years in engineering training.

Nicolas is expert in CAD/CAM/Metrology/Reverse-Engineering/Robotics.

Dassault Systèmes V5 & V6 Mechanical certified

ESSTIN (Graduate Schools of Science and Technology Engineering of Nancy)

Université de Lorraine.

Design engineering leader :

Prof. Eng. Emmanuel Jacquot

CAD/CAM specialist

More than 10 years in engineering training.

Emmanuel is expert in CAD/CAM

Engineering consultant

ESSTIN (Graduate Schools of Science and Technology Engineering of Nancy)

Université de Lorraine.


Metrology leader :

Prof. Christian Peigney ( CAD/CAM, Metrology, Welding process specialist)




Plasturgy leader :

Eng. Frédéric Fradet

Plastic injection, extrusion, thermoforming and blow moulding specialist.

(Tool design engineering, rheology, fire testing, thermical, physical and mechanical analysis)



Eng. Eric Collot

CAD/CAM /Metrology/Reverse Engineering /Additive Manufacturing specialist

Ergonomics engineering leader :

Eng. Fabien Clanché

Automatic control and system engineer specialist

Research Engineer in scientific instrumentation at the University of Lorraine (Faculty of Sport Sciences of Nancy) affiliated with the Laboratory EA 3450 DevAH.

He works in a multidisciplinary team of physiologists, ergonomists, biomechanics and psychologists. He is leader of the virtual reality and human metrology platform and a decision support system (DSS) for sports-health program.